Patient Information

A Guide To Day Surgery

We welcome you to McCourt Street Day Surgery.

We understand that for many of our patients, this is the first time they have experienced having a procedure in a day surgery.

We hope to provide you with a clear explanation of what to expect from your visit to the McCourt Street Day Surgery.

We offer Patient Centre Care, "Providing care that is respectful of and responsive to individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensuring that patient values guide all clinical decisions."

What to Expect at McCourt Street Day Surgery

On your admission our receptionist will greet you and finalise admission procedures. You will then be collected from the waiting room by one of our nurses and taken to the admission room. A pre-operative interview will be conducted and an outline of your stay explained.

The Anaesthetic Nurse will collect you and walk you into the theatre, where you will be cared for by a team of professional nurses in conjunction with your doctor and anaesthetist.

You wake in our specialised recovery area where your progress will be monitored until you are ready to go home.


Your may given a arrival time when booking your procedure. Confirmation of this time can be obtained by contacting the Day Surgery during the week prior to Surgery.

NB: If you develop a cold or illness prior to admission please contact your doctor for advice.

On the Day of Admission
  • Shower or bathe prior to arrival
  • Wear Comfortable, loose clothing, cotton blend underwear and socks
  • Leave all jewellery and valuables at home as the Day Surgery accepts no responsibility for stolen or lost items.
Bring With You
  • A List of your current medications
  • Medications which may need to be taken immediately following the procedure (eg Insulin)
  • Private Health membership details
  • Medicare card
  • X-Rays (if Required by the doctor)
Hand Hygiene

McCourt Street Day Surgery acknowledges hand hygiene is the most important part of preventing transmission of an infection. Please us the alcohol based hand rub on arrival at reception.

Procedure Times

The following is an estimation of the length of stay from admission

  • Procedure under local anaesthetic                      ½  -  2 hours
  • Procedure under sedation                                   2 - 4 hours
  • Procedure under general anaesthetic                 3 - 5 hours

General Anaesthetic / Intravenous Sedation requires that you DO NOT EAT OR DRINK for at least 6 hours prior to your surgery. You may drink water up until 2 hours prior to surgery, depending on the Anaesthetist instructions this may change.

DO NOT eat sweets or chewing gum. We also recommend you do not smoke for at least 24 hours prior to your procedure.

A nurse will phone you before your operation to confirm all these details.

Discharge - General Anaesthetic - I.V Sedation

Patients are usually able to go home within 3 - 5 hours of admission. It is important if you are undergoing a day only procedure that you are driven home and have an adult who is able to stay with you for 24 hours post procedure. Our staff can assist with the estimated time of your departure and appropriate arrangements can be made.

Our policy does not permit patients to be discharged unaccompanied.

Detailed instructions to assist you over the next 24 hours will be given to you by the recovery nurse.

We will endeavour to telephone you within 48 hours to ensure your recovery has been without complication and to answer any questions you may have.

Discharge - Local Anaesthetic

Patients are usually able to go home immediately. However in some cases a 30 minutes resting period is required.


For safety and legal reasons, we advise that you do not drive for 24 hours following your anaesthetic.

Uninsured Patients

All patients are welcome McCourt Street Day Surgery. Uninsured patients are required to pay the total cost of the procedure on admission. Admission cannot proceed otherwise.

Private Health Insurance

As each health fund varies it is advisable to contact your health fund to ensure that you are covered for the procedure booked. There maybe a gap payment required on admission.

Fees / Excess Table

You will be asked to sign the claim form prior to the procedure and it will be forwarded to your health fund. In the event that the account is posted to you, please sign the claim form and send it directly to your health fund as soon as possible.

All relevant details relating to your visit will be billed directly to your private health fund provider. All other accounts such as from your treating doctor, Anaesthetist or pathology will be billed separately by the practice concerned.

Each hospital visit may generate the following charges:

Hospital Account: Paid Directly to hospital by direct transfer from health fund or in full on the day if uninsured.
Surgeons Account:   Mostly claimed from Medicare and health fund
Anaesthetists Account: Mostly claimed from Medicare and health fund
Pathology Account:  Pathology Company if specimens are taken during the procedure.
For The Hospital Accounts

You will be asked to sign the claim form prior to the procedure and it will be forwarded to your health fund. In the event that the account is posted to you, please sign the claim form and send it directly to your health fund as soon as possible.

Patients with excess tables are required to pay health fund excess on admission. Patients with less than top hospital cover, eg basic will be required to pay the balance on the day of the procedure.


Payments can be made by using all major credit cards, EFTPOS or cash. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8.00am – 5.00pm.

Safety and Quality Performance

McCourt Street Day Surgery is committed to ongoing improvement of patient care in all areas. While we have an excellent record in delivering quality care and managing risks, our day surgery continues to focus on improvements to ensure that our services are as safe as possible and that we are minimising risks at all times.

Aspects of the personal information we collect may be used to monitor the quality of care we provide, the appropriateness and effectiveness of the services we offer and the level of our patients’ satisfaction with the service provided to them.

As a result you maybe handed a Patient Satisfaction Form to complete and we ask you to provide feedback on our health services. Your feedback allows us to continually evaluate and improve on all aspects of our performance.

Other audits and performance indicators performed by McCourt Street Day Surgery are as follows:

  • Hand Hygiene Audit
    We participate with Hand Hygiene Australia regularly and our results exceed the national standards.
  • Infection Rates
    These are collected and analysed to identify trends. The results are discussed at all meetings including Medical Advisory Committy (MAC) and Governance, in a effort to look at strategies to reduce risks of infection. McCourt Street Day Surgerys infectons rates continue to be low.
  • Clinical Record Audit
  • Fire and Saftey Equipment Audit
  • Staff Satisfaction Audit
  • Clinician Audit
  • Infection Control Audit
  • Medication Errors
  • Medication Saftey Audit
  • Incidents and Patient Adverse Events - Open Disclosure between clinicians and consumers is actively promoted when things don't go to plan.
Compliments, Comments And Complaints

You have the right to comment on or complain about your health care. If a concern arises for you, please tell the staff. Usually they can resolve it immediately.

Be assured that:

  • We want to resolve your concerns to your satisfaction
  • You can expect any complaint to be dealt with quickly and confidentially
  • Your complaint will not adversely affect the service you receive
Your Rights and Responsibilities
  • Please notify the Day Surgery as soon as possible if you are unable to arrive at the scheduled time, or if you wish to postpone or cancel your admission.
  • Supply those caring for you with complete accurate information concerning your health, medical history and medications.
  • Respect the rights of other patients, visitors and staff.
  • Inform those caring for you when you do not understand explanations.
  • You are responsible for paying your doctors’ fees and hospital accounts.
  • You should respect hospital property as well as the property of other persons.
  • You are entitled to be treated with care and dignity
  • You are entitled to know what services are available in the centre
  • You are entitled to a clear explanation by your Doctor of:
    • Your condition, problem or disease
    • Any planned treatment or investigation
    • Any alternative procedures available
    • Possible side-effect or after-affects
    • Chances of success and any serious risk involved
  • As is the case with all medical treatment, you are entitled to ask for a second opinion.
  • Your consent is required before any treatment can commence. By having yourself admitted to the Day Surgery, you have implied general consent for treatment. Please read the “Consent to Operative Procedure” when give prior to surgery. This should be only signed and witnessed if you feel suitably informed.
  • You may withdraw consent and refuse further treatment at any time.
  • Before Treatment commenced, you are entitled to know in details the likely costs that may be involved in any treatments or alternatives.
  • You have the right to know the identity and professional status of individuals providing service to you.

McCourt Street Day Surgery complies with and abides by the National Privacy Principals.
Information collected is directly related to care and treatment of the patient, government, statistical gathering and private health billing requirements.

Under certain circumstances this information may be shared without patient consent eg emergency situations, notifications of communicable diseases etc.

Medical records are owned by the hospital and you will need to request permission to access your medical records. A fee may be charged.

Accrediting bodies and the Health Department also have access to medical records.

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